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In 2010 myself and Martin Cray made a film called Flight For Survival (see the trailer), it’s about parahawking and vulture conservation… it even won some awards.

Now after 10 years I finally have the rights to stream it publicly for the first time. In order to help us get back on our feet after an extraordinarily difficult year, I am asking for a donation to view the full movie.

I really hope you enjoy the movie and thank you so much for your support during this difficult time.

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Best Human Adventure Film
Coupe Icare International Free Flight Film Festival – 2011

Missoula 34th International Wildlife Film Festival

For Conservation Message
Missoula 34th International Wildlife Film Festival

To cut a long story short – The story of Parahawking

I started training birds of prey when I was just 10 years old, it was an obsession that grew into a way of life. I would run home from school to my birds and fly them around the housing estate where I grew up in Essex, England. At 18, I secured a job as a falconry instructor at the prestigious British School of Falconry, my passion became my profession. In 2001 I moved to Nepal and started the Parahawking Project, what started out as a pie in the sky experiment, quick grew into a world renowned adventure activity and conservation project.

Over the years I took thousand of people on Parahawking flights, educated them about the importance of vultures and raised tens of thousands of USD for vulture conservation projects in Nepal. Parahawking was featured on many TV shows including National Geographic and the BBC’s Deadly 60. During that time I met my wife and raised a family, it was a very happy time. But in 2017 it all came to a sudden end when the Nepalise government closed down the project and confiscated my birds, it was a very painful period and the birds that I had rescued and cared for for so long were now trapped in cages and would never fly again.

We left Nepal and came to Spain to carry on my dream and to continue to share this experience with others. I had to start again from scratch, with new birds, a new facility that I built myself and a new way of life for us as a family. It was a challenging but exciting time. After 2 years of blood sweat and tears I was finally making progress, the project was back on track and the future looked promising. We had viral video’s on social media and were even featured in Spanish TV. However not everyone was pleased about the publicity and without warning Spanish government decided that we could no longer fly with the birds, it was a devastating blow and signalled an end to the project.

Then the final nail in coffin came… Covid happened and everything stopped. Now after a year of no clients or income and a family to support, I’ve had to make the heartbreaking decision to close the project for good. It’s been one hell of a journey with many trials and tribulations along the way but I believe we created something truly unique and made many people’s dreams come true. But nothing ever lasts forever, we’re sad it’s over, but we’re happy it happened.